OASIS 29 Schedule of Events and Panels

Programming Schedule in pdf form (available here).

Please remember, no food is allowed in the meeting rooms.

Friday May 19 | Saturday May 20 | Sunday May 21

Friday May 19, 2017


12:00 PM Social Media for Authors
Whether you publish with a major house, a small house, or on your own, you're hearing the same thing: social media is a must for authors who want to be successful. Author and book publicist Sarah Nicolas present social media strategies for authors, both published and aspiring. Attendees should have a basic understanding of Twitter and Facebook.
Sarah Nicolas

01:00 PM Science Literacy and You
When you loosen the lid of a jar by running it under hot water so the metal will expand, you are using information you learned in science class. This and so many more things make life easier. Science! Are we doing enough to encourage Science Literacy? What can we do?
Jeff Mitchell, Edward Wysocki

02:00 PM Anime SF Features
A look at the landmark animated feature films from Japan.
Juan Sanmiguel

03:00 PM Pitching
Whether you're trying to sell your book to readers, agents, or publishers, a perfect pitch is a necessity. Learn how to craft both an attention-grabbing elevator pitch and a compelling written book blurb.
Sarah Nicolas

04:00 PM Fantastic Art
What are the ins and outs of producing art of things that do not exist.
Mike Conrad, Rubey Shea

05:00 PM Organic Book Promo
How do you promote your book. What tools are available to writer to get the word out.
Sarah Nicolas

09:00 PM Alien Artifacts
We have found mysterious objects from an alien civilization. Can our experts discover what these things are?
Mike Conrad, William Hatfield, Jeff Mitchell


01:00 PM Beginning Writers Workshop - Open Enrolment
Small group writing, reading, and critiquing on bringing those first new sentences to life without a thunderstorm and a lightning rod. Bring your work with you; active participation is a must. The workshop continues on Saturday and Sunday.
Erica Cameron, Faith Hunter, E. Rose Sabin, Elizabeth Schechter

03:00 PM Genre Decisions
Not sure if it's fantasy, Sci-fi, or something in between? What are the boundaries, and how are they useful in today's markets?
Erica Cameron, Faith Hunter, Jose Iriarte(m)

03:00 PM Post-Darwinian Evolution
Are humans still subject to traditional evolution? If not what will be driving out evolution.
Brad Aiken, Craig Caldwell(m), Allen Dyen-Shapiro, Kendall Morris

04:00 PM Writing for Blogs and Podcasts
What gives with these new forms of media? How do I do it, and where is my audience?
Shaun Duke, Jose Iriarte, Gary Roen

05:00 PM Drama, Glory, Stigma
Hiding your writing, using pen names, spelling it out with graffiti: What is the social influence on writing, and what methods help to write and be free?
Erica Cameron, Faith Hunter, Rubey Shea(m)

06:00 PM Feedback Session 1
How can we make OASIS a better con for you? Offer your suggestions and advice.
Juan Sanmiguel

08:00 PM Author! Author!
Formally published or self-published with book in hand, read five minutes of your work to the featured writers and participants. Volunteers from the audience accepted if time permits.
Sara Nicolas, Gary Roen

Galaxy II

07:00 PM Opening Ceremonies
Meet our Guest of Honor, Faith Hunter as we officially start OASIS 29.
Faith Hunter

08:00 PM Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me
Come and join this fannish version of the NPR game show. This will be presented by the team from Necronomicon.
Lucienne Diver, Owl Goingback, Faith Hunter, Guy Lillian, Elizabeth Schechter


02:00 PM Publishing Scams
Learn to avoid traps in the industry.
Lucienne Diver(m), Gary Roen, Elizabeth Schechter, Benjamin Sperduto

03:00 PM The International Space Station
Here about the latest and greatest of the ISS.
Jeff Mitchell

04:00 PM Is Bigger Better?
Ringworld. Rama. Space Elevators. The Death Star. Starbase Yorktown. Valerian. These are huge objects. Can they be built? Should they built?
Jeff Mitchell(m), Edward Wysocki

05:00 PM What to Read?
So much much read, so little time. Hear some recommendations from our panelists.
Lucienne Diver, Shaun Duke(m), Elle E. Ire

09:00 PM Open Filking I
Bring an instrument or your voice and celebrate the genre we all love through song.

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Saturday May 20, 2017


10:00 AM What Makes a Series?
The Hugos are adding Best Series as a category. What does it take to write a good series. What are the challenges in spreading the story beyond one book.
Richard Lee Byers(m), Faith Hunter, Alethea Kontis, Jack McDevitt, Elizabeth Schechter

11:00 AM Lunar Space Elevator
An innovative yet practical method to access the surface of the Moon.
Charles Radley

12:00 PM 40 Years of Star Wars
In May 1977 we were all taken to a galaxy far, far away. Since then there have been seven more films, a radio show, two television shows, and countless books. What do want or expect in this new era of Star Wars.
Erica Cameron, Jeff Carroll, Shaun Duke(m)

01:00 PM Superhero Smackdown
Who is the greatest superhero of all time. Come join our panel of experts as work our way from 16 candidates to number one hero.
Perry F. Bruns(m), Guy Lillian, Mari Ness

02:00 PM OASIS 29 Guest of Honor: Faith Hunter
Our Guest of Honor talks about her life, works, and experience.
Faith Hunter

03:00 PM What is on Tonight?
There is a Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror show on every day. Which ones are worth watching?
Jeff Carroll, Shaun Duke, Ann Morris(m), Mari Ness

04:00 PM Spelling Bee Lighting Homonymorama
Can you meet the challenge? Win prizes at our second annual spelling bee!
Peggy Stubblefield

05:00 PM Short Fiction
The Short Fiction market is still booming. What are the ins and outs of the industry?
Jose Iriarte, Mari Ness, Gary Roen(m), Benjamin Sperduto

06:00 PM Author, Author II
Formally published or self-published with book in hand, read five minutes of your work to the featured writers and participants. Volunteers from the audience accepted if time permits.
Owl Goingback, Jack McDevitt, Rubey Shea

07:30 PM Masquerade
The most visible part of fandom appears before you in all their fantastic finery.
Richard Lee Byers, Mike Conrad, Faith Hunter, Ann Morris

08:00 PM The Nebula Awards
We will be joining the pros in Pittsburgh as we celebrate one of Science Fiction oldest awards. Formal attire is optional.
Juan Sanmiguel


10:00 AM Book Fundamentals
What you need to know to publish a book, be it formally through mainstream publishers, or self-publishing
Sarah Nicolas

11:00 AM Character Development in a Series
What motivates a change in a major character? How does it affect the series, reader and author?
Erica Cameron, Owl Goingback, Faith Hunter(m)

12:00 PM Midway Writers Workshop - Middle Writers Workshop--Open Enrolment
The workshop continues with the nuts and bolts of writing: characterization, plot, grammar and tense. Bring your work with you; active participation is encouraged. The workshop concludes on Sunday.
Christina Farley, Elle E. Ire, Elizabeth Schechter

02:00 PM Rhyme Time
Panel discussion of the importance of rhyming language in fantasy and science fiction, with the emphasis on spellcasting, song, and other uses. No oranges, please.
Gary Roen, Rubey Shea(m)

04:00 PM Synopsis or Rehash?
Deja vu' or Deja Done! How to write a good synopsis for submission without passing out or slaying the reader with 'and then's.
Erica Cameron, Lucienne Diver

05:00 PM Young Adult or New Adult
Young Adult has hit it big, but what's with this New Adult? What distinguishes them, and can my book cover both markets?
Erica Cameron, Lucienne Diver(m), Christina Farley, Alethea Kontis

06:00 PM Feedback Session II
Another day of the con. How is it going for you? Please let us know.
Juan Sanmiguel

07:00 PM Head Hoppi-Loppin
Explore the banes and foibles of self-publishing, just starting out, and editing on your own.
William Hatfield, Elizabeth Schechter(m), Rubey Shea

08:00 PM Our Great Disappointments
Authors discuss the manuscripts that never saw the light of mass market, or were published but not to the author's satisfaction, and how they coped.
Erica Cameron, Elle E. Ire(m), Guy Lillian

Dealers Room

03:00 PM Signing Sessions
Faith Hunter, Jack McDevitt, Alethea Kontis


10:00 AM How to Science
We see scientists in books, films, and television shows. Is that how the scientific method works? Come and hear how it really works.
Derek Demeter, Jeff Mitchell, Kendall Morris(m), Edward Wysocki

11:00 AM Fannish Expression
What are the ways fans can connect with world?
Shaun Duke, Guy Lillian, Ann Morris(m)

12:00 PM Trivia
Do you have the knowledge to compete in the Trivia Contest.
Juan Sanmiguel

01:00 PM Young Adult: 101
Understand the basics of this popular genre.
Erica Cameron, Lucienne Diver, Christina Farley, Aria Kane(m), E. Rose Sabin

02:00 PM Costuming on a Budget
Learn tricks that can save you some money for your costume/cosplay.
Perry F. Bruns, Alicia Hall, Alethea Kontis, Ann Morris(m)

03:00 PM OASIS 29 Charity Auction
Bid on special items donated by our guests, OASFiS members, and generous others. Proceeds support the Andre Norton Scholarship Fund at Valencia College.
Richard Lee Byers

04:00 PM Beyond the Solar System
What is the latest on exoplanets. What has been found? Where can we go in the future?
Derek Demeter, Jeff Mitchell, Charles Radley, Edward Wysocki

05:00 PM Great Horror Films You May Have Missed
A lot films come in a year. Sometimes gems are lost in the shuffle. Our panel will help you find those worthy films.
Richard Lee Byers, Jeff Carroll, Owl Goingback

09:00 PM Genre Boundaries: Romance and Erotica
What do these two fields have in common? What makes them different?
Elle E. Ire(m), Aria Kane, Elizabeth Schechter

10:00 PM Open Filking II
Bring your instruments, voice, wit, and wisdom and let loose.

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Sunday May 21, 2017


10:00 AM Science Fiction Films
Does it take a big budget to make a good Science Fiction film? Can you make something meaningful on a limited scale?
Erica Cameron, Jeff Carroll, Shaun Duke(m)

11:00 AM Looking at Costumes
What makes a good costume or cosplay. Join our panel and look at some costumes and see what makes them special.
Alicia Hall, Ann Morris

12:00 PM Yes, But Would You Date Them?
They are great characters to watch or read about but would you want to be with them?
Erica Cameron, Mike Conrad, Faith Hunter, Elizabeth Schechter(m), Benjamin Sperduto

12:00 PM Art Demo
See how an artist creates their work.
Rubey Shea

01:00 PM Do I Know You?
Share your experience meeting your favorite celebs and writers. Joy or trauma, no slander, please.
Shaun Duke, Faith Hunter, Elle E. Ire(m), Gary Roen

02:00 PM Ask A Veterinarian
Do you have a question about your pet? Is there something on your mind about a non-human biology? Come ask our resident veterinarian.
Peggy Stubblefield

03:00 PM Closing Ceremonies
Come and join us as we bid a fond farewell to our guest and you our members.
Faith Hunter


10:00 AM Media Panel
Tools of the trade in writing, from software to laptops to ouija boards, and related references.
Lucienne Diver, Jose Iriarte(m), E. Rose Sabin, Elizabeth Schechter

11:00 AM Ending Writers Workshop--Open Enrolment
It's not just about critiquing or editing, but now that the work is done, what are you going to do with it and how will you get it out there? Bring your work; active participation a must.
Elle E. Ire(m), Gary Roen, E. Rose Sabin

01:00 PM Ha-ha or Ah ha!
Sci-Fi and fantasy is often funny; how do we write humor and what kinds are there? What pitfalls and pratfalls should we avoid?
Richard Lee Byers(m), Lucienne Diver, William Hatfield, Rubey Shea

02:00 PM Author, Author III
Formally published or self-published with book in hand, read five minutes of your work to the featured writers and participants. Volunteers from the audience accepted if time permits


10:00 AM Urban Fantasy
What can or can you do in an Urban Fantasy story?
Richard Lee Byers(m), Owl Goingback, Faith Hunter, Benjamin Sperduto

11:00 AM Living in Florida
Amazing things happen in Florida. Can you work those things into fiction?
Erica Cameron, William Hatfield(m), Benjamin Sperduto

01:00 PM Doctor Who: New Frontiers
We are now in midseason of the tenth series. There soon be a new Doctor and showrunner. What do we want to see in the future?
Christian Basel, Ann Morris

02:00 PM Discovering New Star Trek
NNew Star Trek is coming soon to a computer service near you. What are hopes and fears in the next chapter of the human adventure?
Jeff Carroll, Shaun Duke(m), Ann Morris

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