OASIS 29 Schedule of Events and Panels

Programming Schedule in pdf form (available here).

Please remember, no food is allowed in the meeting rooms.

Friday April 22 | Saturday April 23 | Sunday April 24

Friday April 22, 2016

Waterford A

02:00 PM The Business of Writing
So you want to be a writer. What do you need to know about the business side of things?
Richard Lee Byers, William Hatfield, Jamie Marchant, Gary Roen(m)

03:00 PM The History of SF
Check out a history of the field.
Juan Sanmiguel

04:00 PM How to Write Action Scenes
What does a good action scene need? How far can should you go with the violence.
William Hatfield, Jamie Marchant, Gary Roen(m), Benjamin Sperduto

09:00 PM Open Filking 1
Bring your instrument and your voice and join in.

Waterford B

01:00 PM Putting Science in Science Fiction
How to get the science right in a story. What happens if the science is bad? Where can the science help the story.
Brad Aiken(m), Craig Caldwell, Mike Conrad, Allen Dyen-Shapiro, Jeff Mitchell

02:00 PM NASA and International Space Station
The latest and greatest news of our space program.
Jeff Mitchell

03:00 PM Post-Darwinian Evolution
Are humans still subject to traditional evolution? If not what will be driving out evolution.
Brad Aiken, Craig Caldwell(m), Allen Dyen-Shapiro, Kendall Morris

04:00 PM Does the future have to be plausible?
How far can you go into the far future? Do you have to be grounded in reality or can you let your imagination run wild?
Ben Bova, Jose Iriarte, A Lee Martinez, Jeff Mitchell(m)

05:00 PM The Martian: Fact and Fiction
The Martian was one of the best Hard SF novels and film. What did get right and wrong?
Craig Caldwell(m), Jeff Mitchell, Edward Wysocki

07:00 PM Opening Ceremonies
Come and meet our Guest of Honor, A Lee Martinez as we officially begin OASIS 28
A Lee Martinez

08:00 PM Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!
Checkout this fannish version of the NPR quiz show, presented by the team at Necronomicon.
Brad Aiken, PF Bruns(m), Shaun Duke, A Lee Martinez, Elizabeth Schechter, Paul Vincenti

09:00 PM Alien Artifacts
Come and see a team of scientists figure out what these mysterious objects are.
Craig Caldwell(m), Mike Conrad, William Hatfield, A Lee Martinez, Jeff Mitchell


05:00 PM Art Demo
Rubey Shea

06:00 PM Feedback Session 1
How can we make OASIS a better con for you. Tell us how we are doing, and bring your suggestions.
Juan Sanmiguel

Consuite (Room 135/137)

06:00 PM Chili Cookoff
Our World famous, well Central Florida famous Chili Cook Off. Come taste and then judge, if you can, the most enticing chili for the Cthulu Chili Contest. Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!
Then head for the opening ceremony. Please remember, no food is allowed in the meeting rooms.

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Saturday April 23, 2016

Waterford A

10:00 AM What is Science?
How does science work? Does the scientific method work like we think it does? What are the boundaries of science?
Brad Aiken, Craig Caldwell(m), Kendall Morris, Edward Wysocki

11:00 AM Today's Captain Janeways!
Kathryn Janeway was a game changer in roles for women in SF shows. Join us as we discuss the women who have followed her, from Colonel Samantha Carter and Dr. Elizabeth Weir on Stargate to Amanda Rosewater and Stahma Tarr on Defiance and more!
Elle E. Ire, Aria Kane, Ann Morris(m), Elizabeth Schechter

12:00 PM Space Opera: Then and Now
Space Opera was the most important sub genres in Science Fiction. How has it changed through the years? Are we new era of Space Opera?
Ben Bova, Jeff Carroll, Shaun Duke, Rubey Shea(m), Rick Wilber

01:00 PM Short Fiction
Analog, Asimov's and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction are still around. They are joined by online magazines like Lightspeed, Nightmare, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Strange New Horizons. How does one navigate in this new market
Nick DiChario, Jose' Iriarte, Sandra McDonald, Gary Roen(m), Rick Wilber

02:00 PM Costuming
Learn the ins and outs of costuming
PF Bruns, Ann Morris

03:00 PM Peak SF Television
There seems to be a show for every day of the week. Is it good? Where do we go to next?
Jeff Carroll, Mari Ness

04:00 PM Spelling Bee
Can you meet the challenge for prizes?
Peggy Stubblefield

05:00 PM Horror Renaissance
There are new markets for Horror fiction. A story was nominated for both a Stoker and a Nebula. Films like The Babadook, It Follows and The Witch are taking horror in new directions. American Horror Story is doing well on Television. What does this new bring?
Richard Lee Byers(m), Jeff Carroll, Owl Goingback, Sandra McDonald

08:00 PM The Horror of it All
What does it take to make something scary?
Richard Lee Byers, Owl Goingback, Jose' Iriarte(m)

09:00 PM Open Filking 2
More musical fun!

Waterford B

10:00 AM Pulp Fiction
Modern Science Fiction traces its origins from the pulp magazines of old. Does the pulp tradition still influence the genre? Should it?
Richard Lee Byers(m), William Hatfield, A Lee Martinez

11:00 AM The Future of Space Exploration
How do we get from here to there? What methods are available to us?
Derek Demeter

12:00 PM Brain Repair Workshop
Checkout the latest advances in neurological rehabilitation. How brain-computer interfaces, therapeutic robotics, exoskeleton devices, and other tech is being developed to help people recover from strokes and brain injury.
Brad Aiken

01:00 PM Superheroes in the Media
It is not even Memorial Day and we have had two major superhero films. Four nights of the week have superhero related television programs. Marvel Netflix series are successful. Come and listen to pro and cons of the current superhero series.
Mike Conrad, Richard Lee Byers(m), Aria Kane, Mari Ness

02:00 PM Guest of Honor - A Lee Martinez
Come and meet the OASIS 28 Guest of Honor
A Lee Martinez

03:00 PM Query Letter
How do you write a good query letter
Aria Kane

04:00 PM Exo Planets
There are almost 2000 confirmed exoplanets and many more candidates. What do we know about them?
Craig Caldwell, Jeff Mitchell, Edward Wysocki(m)

05:00 PM New Horizons on Pluto
What has New Horizons revealed about Pluto?
Derek Demeter

08:00 PM Writing Young Adult Fiction
What do you need to know when writing in this genre?
Jeff Carroll, Aria Kane, E. Rose Sabin, Rubey Shea(m)

09:00 PM All You Need to Know About Sex
What you need to know if you want to write a story about sex. What are the common mistakes?
Elle E. Ire(m), Aria Kane, Elizabeth Schechter

Waterford C/Dealers Room

03:00 PM Author Signing
A Lee Martinez, Ben Bova

Restaurant Area

12:00 PM Trivia
Come test your knowledge and win prizes.
Juan Sanmiguel


03:00 PM Charity Auction
Bid on special items from our guests, OASFiS members, and others. Proceeds help support the Andre Norton Scholarship Fund at Valencia College.
Richard Lee Byers

06:00 PM Feedback Session 2
How can we make OASIS a better con for you. Tell us how we are doing, and bring your suggestions.
Juan Sanmiguel

Lounge Area

07:30 PM Masquerade (new location)
Who will be wearing what this year?
Richard Lee Byers, A Lee Martinez, Ann Morris, Paul Vincenti

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Sunday April 24, 2016

Waterford A

10:00 AM Fantasy
Are there limits to what you can do in Fantasy? How many sub genres are there?
Elle E. Ire, Aria Kane(m), Jamie Marchant, Elizabeth Schechter, E. Rose Sabin, Benjamin Sperduto

11:00 AM Crossing Genres
There are many subgenres in Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror. Can you combine you combine them in a story?
William Hatfield, A Lee Martinez, E. Rose Sabin, Rick Wilber(m)

12:00 PM What Would You Change?
Have you seen a film that had a bad ending? Come and discuss it with our panel. The best ideas will be sent to How it Should have Ended.
PF Bruns, Craig Caldwell

01:00 PM Doctor Who: Changes
There will be no new Doctor Who until Christmas. Chris Chibnall will be taking over the show in 2018. What does the future hold.
Kayla Ascolillo, Christian Basel, Ann Morris(m)

02:00 PM Ask a Scientist
Do you have a science question you always wanted to ask an expert? Well here is your opportunity.
Craig Caldwell, Derek Demeter, Jeff Mitchell(m), Kendall Morris, Edward Wysocki

Waterford B

10:00 AM Star Wars Forever
Star Wars is back and it is not going anywhere. How do we feel about The Force Awakens and what is coming next.
Jeff Carroll, Shaun Duke, Ann Morris

11:00 AM Fantastic Art
What do you need to know when painting something that does not exist?
Mike Conrad, Stanley Morrison(m), Rubey Shea, Paul Vincenti

12:00 PM Science Fiction: Pessimism Vs Optimisim
There are a lot of bleak futures out there. Does it need to be? Can we have more optimism in the field?
Ben Bova, Shaun Duke, Jeff Mitchell(m), Benjamin Sperduto

01:00 PM Culture
How much detail do you need to create a believable society? What are the typical mistakes?
William Hatfield, Aria Kane, Rubey Shea(m)

02:00 PM Star Trek at 50
A new film this year and a new series next year. Is there a final frontier?
Richard Lee Byers(m), Jeff Carroll, Ann Morris

03:00 PM Closing Ceremonies
A fond farewell to our guest of honor and you our friends.
A Lee Martinez


11:00 AM First Page Workshop
You bring the first page of your work and the instructors will offer positive and useful feedback and market tips based on the principle many editors will quit reading your work after a few sentences or paragraphs. Please bring several copies (10) of the first page of your work only, double spaced, 1 inch margins
Sandra McDonald

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