Welcome Artists to OASIS

All science-fiction/fantasy artists are invited!

Artist registration will open in January 2019.

OASIS Art Show Guidelines

Items for the Art Show will be limited to one-of-a-kind pieces (originals or prints). If we receive duplicates of a piece, we will place them in the Print Shop at the stated Quick Sale Price. Any item received without paperwork will be regretfully returned. Not-for-sale work is permitted in the show but please - no more than two pieces per artist. If you or your agent will be attending OASIS, the art room will open at 10:00am,  Friday morning for artists' set up. The Art Show will open to the public at 3:00pm Friday afternoon. Please verify the times prior to convention for latest information.

Panel space cost is $9.00 for a 4' X 4' panel, and $15.00 for 6' of table for 3D art work. If multiple panels are reserved, they will be adjacent. The convention charges a 10% commission on all Art Show sales. The Print Shop does not charge a hanging fee but does charge a 15% commission on all sales. Space is allocated on a first come, first reserved basis, and isn't actually reserved for you until we have received the signed entry form and payment. Space that has not been claimed by 5:00pm on Friday will be made available to any waiting artists. No refunds on unclaimed space.

Print Shop
Prices of each item must be clearly indicated on the accompanying paperwork and on the item. Any item we cannot identify with its paperwork will be regretfully returned.

Art Auction
Art with three or more written bids will go to voice auction - with bidding opening at the highest one written. The art show director may also choose items to be included in the auction which did not have a written bid but which the director believes will be well received. Director's choice items are started at the minimum bid. We have provided a space on the entry form for you to indicate if you do not wish your work to go to auction as director's choice.

How to Enter
To enter the OASIS Art Show, contact the art show director by e-mail. Indicate that you have art work to display and apporimately how many pieces you will be sending and how many panels you need. You will be sent an email with your artist number. Complete the entry form and mail it, along with payment, to the address on the form. Make checks and money orders payable to "OASFiS".

Send all correspondence to the address listed on the entry form, or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Electronic versions (PDFs) are here for the Entry Form, Guidelines , Control Sheet , Print Shop Sheet and Bid Sheet.

Ship art to OASIS at the following address:
OASIS Art Show
c/o Juan Sanmiguel
1421 Pon Pon Court
Orlando, FL 32825

Arrival deadline for mail-in art is May 10, 2019!

Set-up and tear down information for walk in artists will be available beginning of May.

For mail-in art, we ask that it be ready to hang or display, and that you include a check for return postage and insurance. Art work will be returned by the carrier and with the amount of insurance you specify on the control sheet. Please note: We recommend either UPS or FedEx. They have a much better tracking system than any other carrier.

Within 30 days after the convention we will mail you a check for the proceeds of your sales minus appropriate commission, and any unpaid postage and insurance. Unsold work will be returned in its original packaging. Please indicate on the control sheet if you wish any empty boxes returned.

If you have any questions, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or write to the above address.

Definition of Art Work for Show

"Limited edition items", such as lithographs, etchings, sculptures and photographs are welcome. Mechanical reproductions (e.g. laser print, inkjet, etc), are welcome if they come from a fairly limited run. The Print Shop is available for large runs.

Agent Information
An Agent is someone that will be handling your artwork and art show-related affairs at the convention. You authorize them to deliver & remove your artwork, make decisions regarding your artwork, and optionally to receive payments for you. If you are not attending the convention and will use an agent, you must send us a letter giving their name/address and what you authorize them to do on your behalf. Please give them a copy of the letter also.

Displaying artwork
Our panels are 4' x 4' pegboard. Artwork is hung by hooks. All art work must be pre configured to hang. We will not modify your art work in order to hang it. While we'll be as careful as possible when hanging mail-in art work, we will not take responsibility for pieces that are damaged either by shipping or hanging.
We have tables available for 3 dimensional art work. If you have a preferred layout to display your work please provide it and we will do our best, but can not guarantee proper placement.
Once a piece is entered into the show, you cannot change its conditions of sale such as minimum bid price or NOT FOR SALE status. A piece is considered to be entered when the Art Show staff signs the control sheet, accepting the work.

Labeling & bid sheets
All artworks need two labels: a name & address label and a bid or NFS sheet. The name & address label (on the back or bottom of the piece) should contain your name, address, artist number, the title of the piece, and it's control sheet number. The Art Show staff can supply labels.
You have the option of allowing pieces to be sold during the show immediately without the bid process (a Direct Sale or Quick Sale). A potential buyer may purchase your piece for a direct sale price (which you set) as long as no bids have been placed on the bid sheet. If you use this option, we suggest that the direct sale price be substantially higher than the minimum bid price, to make sure that you receive what the piece is worth. If you do not use this option, put the $0 or "N/A" in the Direct Sale Price space.
The bid/NFS sheet contains your name & artist number, the control sheet number & title of the piece, the medium used, minimum bid (or NFS/NOT FOR SALE), and direct sale price (if any).
When numbering pieces, use numbers only, do not use letters. If the piece is an original, enter the medium used to create it. If the piece is a print or reproduction, enter the printing technology used to reproduce it (NOT the medium of the original), the run size, and the position in the run (e.g."laser print 24/100").

Abandoned art
At the end of the show, any artwork not claimed by the artist or the buyer will be considered to be abandoned. We will attempt to contact the bidder, if there is one. If we can't contact the bidder, we will contact the artist, however if we are unsuccessful it will be disposed of at the discretion of the Art Show Manager.

To protect artists' rights, photography of any type is not permitted in the Art Show without approval of the Art Show Manager.

Fine Print
The Art Show and Convention is staffed and run by volunteers, the decision of the Art Show Manager or Convention Chairman is final in all matters. The artist agrees to protect, keep, and save OASFiS forever harmless from any damage(s) or charge(s) imposed for violations of any law or ordinance by any exhibitor, his employees or agents, as well for failure to comply with the terms and agreements. The artist shall at all times protect, indemnify, save and keep harmless OASFiS against and from any loss, cost, damage, liability or expense which arises out of or by reason of any act or omission of artist, his employees, or agents.

If you have any questions about these rules, or have any special requirements, please contact the Art Show Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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