Art Show Information

OASIS Art Show Information.

Come see the best Art Work, Sculpture and more in Science Fiction/Fantasy at the OASIS Art Show.

Art Show

The Art Show is located in the Dealer’s room.
The Art Show is open daily during the convention. Most pieces on display are available for bid sale.
Awards will be given for the best art in the show. Please vote for your favorites!

The Artists’ Alley

The artists’ alley is located in the Dealer’s room. Come watch the artists sketch, paint or create a unique piece of art work. Most items are then available for immediate sale. Your chance to collect a one of a kind piece of art.

Prints Available for Sale

Featuring limited edition prints from artists in the show. Items in the Print Shop are available for immediate sale.

Artists’ Rights

Artists spend a long time creating and working on their art. We respect and protect artists’ rights. Therefore NO photography of any type is permitted in the Art Show without approval of the Art Show Manager. This includes using cell phones! Anyone caught taking photographs in the Art Show will be removed from the Show and not allowed to return.

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