OASIS Dealers and Artists

OASIS Dealers and Artists.

The dealers room contains all kinds of merchandise from new and used books, comics, handcrafted jewelry, clothing and accessories, crafts and toys and games.
There will also be artists displaying their artwork and creating some of their works as you watch.
The dealers room will be open each day of the convention. Times will be posted on the website and at the convention.
Come on by to see what’s there, and you will keep coming in for more!

Dealers Displaying at OASIS.

Here is a partial list of dealers presently attending and a brief list of what they sell (not all inclusive):

Benjamin Sperduto


Edward Wysocki Books


Elizabeth Schehter

Books beads and jewelry

Kathmandu Books


Welton Rocks Gems Jewelry

Rocks Chainmaille jewelry bracelets necklaces and earrings

Stephen Arseneault Books


MoonPhaze LLC

Books, cosplay prosthetics and props, unusual games, and various other stuff

Artists Displaying at OASIS.

Here is a partial list of artists presently attending and what type of artwork they will be showing (not all inclusive):

Its All Geek to Me

Paper and vinyl art

Stanley Morrison Art

Art prints and figurines

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