Masquerade Information

OASIS Masquerade Information.

If you wish to enter the masquerade contest please download the entry form and fill out.

Masquerade Information Desk

The Oasis Masquerade Contest will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 7:30 PM (time and date may change, check latest schedule). Information will be located near the Registration Desk and someone will be available to answer your questions and to approve costume weapons, etc., prior to the Contest.


All Masquerade entrants must be registered and have completed entry forms, which will be available at the Convention Registration desk and online here, so you can print one out ahead of time. Entry forms must be handed in at the Masquerade Info Desk prior to the 7:00 PM Lineup for the Contest.

Music, Etc.

The Masquerade is a Costume Contest rather than a Talent Show, but short presentations with prerecorded music/effects on 1 CD track only, lasting no longer than one minute will be allowed. No Cassettes may be used and presentations longer than the time allotted will be automatically disqualified from prize consideration, so be sure your presentation falls within those guidelines. Entrants must present their music/effects to the Masquerade Director prior to the Contest for approval. You are not required to say a word while on stage, unless desired and your costume will, in most cases be doing the talking for you.

Costume Effects & Weapons

All costume special effects must be reviewed with the Masquerade Director prior to the Contest. No open flames, flash powder, flash paper, or laser pens will be allowed. Electric power requirements must be self-contained and connections to electrical outlets will not be available. All Weapons must be approved by the Masquerade Director and ‘Peace-Bonded’ at all times during the Contest (securely tied closed, i.e., Sword in it’s sheath and tied with a ribbon to the sheath body) and NO weapons are allowed in the hallway prior to the Contest. No messy substances will be tolerated on stage. Anything left on stage should be easily removed by the participant while exiting the stage.


All Costumes should be homemade, stressing your creativity, rather than using professionally available costumes. They may contain commercially available components, but should reflect individual creativeness.


Ribbons in the Adult Costume Categories will be: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places All children under the age of 12 participating individually (not as a group) will receive ribbons. There may be additional ‘surprise’ ribbons awarded for other interesting categories.

Contact Info

If you have any questions prior to the Convention, please feel free to write Juan at Let’s make this the best Oasis Masquerade ever!

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