Dealer Table Information

Dealer Table Information.

As we are a traditional Science Fiction Convention, we attract a wide variety of Fans. Dealers at past conventions have sold books, games, costumes, jewelry, T-shirts, and almost anything else Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans would be interested in. We’ve even had Fortune Tellers and Palm Readers.

Dealers set-up and tear down information is available here.

Dealers can register here Dealer Online Registration Form.

The Dealers Room will be open for dealers on Friday morning before the room is open to the public.

Tables (6 foot) are $75 and each table purchased includes one convention membership. Additional memberships are available at the current rate.

While security is your responsibility during the convention, the room is locked after closing time and is not reopened until the next morning. Tables will be covered and skirted, but no second covering will be provided.

For more information contact us.

Register online for a table using the Dealer Online Registration Form.

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