Guest of Honor

We are very pleased to announce Adam-Troy Castro will be OASIS 30’s Guest of Honor.

Adam-Troy Castro made his first non-fiction sale to Spy magazine in 1987. His twenty-seven books to date include four Spider-Man novels, the Andrea Cort trilogy (Emissaries from the Dead, The Third Claw of God, and War of the Marionettes), and six middle-grade novels about the dimension-spanning adventures of young Gustav Gloom. The final installment in the series, Gustav Gloom And The Castle of Fear, came out in 2016.

Adam’s darker short fiction for grownups was highlighted in his collection, Her Husband’s Hands And Other Stories (Prime Books). January 2019 saw a release of his audio collection, And Other Stories (Skyboat Media), ten hours of A-TC fiction read by Stefan Rudnicki, Gabrielle de Cuir, Justin Eire, and Kathe Mazur, with introductions read by the author. New stories about Andrea Cort and the covert operative John Draiken regularly appear in ANALOG.

Adam’s works have won the Philip K. Dick Award and the Seiun (Japan), and have been nominated for eight Nebulas, three Stokers, two Hugos, and, internationally, the Ignotus (Spain), the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire (France), and the Kurd-Laßwitz Preis (Germany). His latest projects include a mainstream thriller currently making the rounds, and another novel currently in progress.

Adam lives in Florida with his wife, past fan guest of honor Judi B. Castro, and a rotating selection of cats.

For more information about our guest of honor check out his website at

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